What Benefits Does Medical Marijuana Bring? - Dr. B’s Compassionate Care

What Benefits Does Medical Marijuana Bring?

  • September 9, 2022
What Benefits Does Medical Marijuana Bring? - Dr. B’s Compassionate Care

Over the past few decades in the United States, medical marijuana has become increasingly prevalent. Indeed, it has been used and prescribed to individuals to treat different diseases. But how does marijuana bring medical benefits, and what are those benefits? 


How It Helps

The compounds cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are found naturally in the marijuana plant. Cannabis plants that produce mind-altering effects are typically high in THC, and cannabis plants with high CBD are legally defined as hemp. These compounds are similar to the endocannabinoids found in our endocannabinoid system. This system directs cellular activity and keeps your body in balance, and medical marijuana can help bolster this system to help balance and alleviate different symptoms from different medical conditions. The compound CBD helps to reduce inflammation, improve sleep quality, decrease anxiety, relieve pain, and reduce muscle spasms.


One of the most common uses for medical marijuana is for pain relief, and it is often preferred by patients with chronic pain, stress, anxiety, autism, and any other qualifying condition because it allows them to resume their daily activities without feeling sedated, or completely out of it. Something that is often seen in stronger options for severe pain. 

Mental Health Benefits

THC in medical marijuana can cause mind and mood-altering effects that help to regulate a myriad of mental functions such as emotions, pain, stress, &  sleep. Medical Cannabis can also help to alleviate nausea, and vomiting, protect brain cells, trigger neurogenesis (growth of new brain cells), dismiss symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and increase an individual’s appetite due to binding the CB1 receptor that is found in many brain regions.  As well as THC helps to reduce tremors in Parkinson’s disease. This compound is what produces the “high” sensation when people smoke or eat foods containing it. Medicinal uses for marijuana have been proven to be super helpful, and if you are suffering from any of the qualifying conditions, medical marijuana may be a good next step.

Get Your Prescription Today

If you have any medical condition that you believe might qualify for a medical marijuana prescription,  Dr. B’s Compassionate Care can guide you through the process to get your prescription in Texas as soon as possible. Schedule your appointment with Dr. B’s Compassionate Care online or in San Antonio, Texas.

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